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          By joining the biggest community of bird lovers in Australia, you can help us make a positive impact on the future of our native birdlife. The members of BirdLife Australia, along with our supporters and partners, have been powerful advocates for native birds and the conservation of their habitats since 1901.

          We are also the meeting ground for everyone with an interest in birds from the curious backyard observer to the dedicated research scientist. It doesn’t matter what your interest in birds is or how much you know about them, your membership will offer you the opportunity to increase your awareness and enjoyment.

          Birdlife Australia would be delighted to welcome you as a new member and we look forward to sharing our news and achievements with you throughout the coming year.

          The perfect storm for extinctions...

          The Mainland Ground Parrot is an elusive little bird, as bright green as the grass it’s hiding in! Sadly, much of its habitat has been destroyed by the recent large-scale fires, and numbers were already dwindling. We’re worried that without critical strongholds to keep them safe, this bird will slide down the path to extinction.

          If you’ve ever heard an unexpected concert of different bird calls in the middle of a forest glade… you might be near a Superb Lyrebird. It’s hard to believe this once-common Aussie mimic is now so vulnerable after the fires. Will you help save them?

          Mainland Ground Parrots spend most of their lives on the ground, darting through dense undergrowth with their long legs, hiding from foxes and cats. With your help to identify and protect safe homes, birds like these won’t be lost forever.

          This year's megafires combined with the current extinction crisis could spell disaster for some of our unique birds... 

          Will you help save birds who are newly vulnerable after the bushfires?

          The megafires earlier this year were unprecedented in scale and ferocity. So much bird habitat was burnt that we’re now facing our worst nightmare.

          Australia lost over a billion animals. Birds once thought safe have become newly vulnerable.

          The long-term impacts of the fires are likely to push more birds onto the ‘threatened’ list. Among them are birds like the usually resilient and successful wet forest lyrebirds, and the sweet little heath-loving Mainland Ground Parrot. 

          We fear the Superb Lyrebird may have plunged from being ‘common’ to being ‘threatened’ in just a few devastating weeks over summer.

          And we’re concerned the Mainland Ground Parrot is now at risk of sliding perilously down the same slope to extinction that the Critically Endangered Western Ground Parrot is on.

          It seems like all living creatures – including people – are suddenly under threat this year… And as we fight to protect our vulnerable loved ones and Australian communities from COVID-19, all of us at BirdLife Australia have renewed passion to protect our vulnerable birds in the face of the extinction crisis. 

          Yet while everyone is feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on our own lives, and focused on managing the global health pandemic, nature is at risk of being forgotten.

          Birds can’t wait for COVID-19 to pass – they’re in danger of extinction right now.

          Our dedicated teams continue to work around the clock to save our precious birds. But we urgently need your help to meet the scale of effort required to deal with the extinction crisis.

          Your support today can save at-risk birds like the Superb Lyrebird and Mainland Ground Parrot.

          More birds than ever before need protection and refuge, and we need the financial resources to deliver these vital conservation actions.

          Please donate today to help identify and protect refuges to keep birds safe! 

          What will your gift do?

          Your donation will fight the extinction crisis, by helping to:

          1. Identify and protect fire-resilient havens, where birds like Superb Lyrebirds can recover from the fires and be safe from threats

          2. Find vital strongholds for birds like Mainland Ground Parrots, so they're safer from future large-scale fires and habitat loss

          3. Purchase automated call recorders for critical detection and monitoring of bird survivors after the fires

          We're still investigating post-fire data, and your generous help is crucial to make sure no at-risk birds are overlooked.

          You can fight the extinction crisis with your gift today!

          Please donate now to help newly-vulnerable birds survive future threats and flourish again.

          Photos, top down: Superb Lyrebird © Chris Tzaros, Birds Bush and Beyond, Mainland Ground Parrot © Christopher Grounds (BirdLife Photo Award image), Superb Lyrebird © Alex Maisey, Mainland Ground Parrot © Leigh Pieterse (BirdLife Photo Award image)