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          By joining the biggest community of bird lovers in Australia, you can help us make a positive impact on the future of our native birdlife. The members of BirdLife Australia, along with our supporters and partners, have been powerful advocates for native birds and the conservation of their habitats since 1901.

          We are also the meeting ground for everyone with an interest in birds from the curious backyard observer to the dedicated research scientist. It doesn’t matter what your interest in birds is or how much you know about them, your membership will offer you the opportunity to increase your awareness and enjoyment.

          Birdlife Australia would be delighted to welcome you as a new member and we look forward to sharing our news and achievements with you throughout the coming year.

          Our Programs


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          Awards & Scholarships

          Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, we regret that it has been necessary to put the Stuart Leslie Bird Research Award, Professor Allen Keast Research Award and Chadcombe Bird Research Award on hold for the near future.

          Our Commitment to the Future

          As part of our commitment to fostering ornithological research and conservation, BirdLife Australia manages an array of awards and prizes. The annual Stuart Leslie and Professor Allen Keast Research Awards are postgraduate grants conferred on the most promising students working on ornithology in Australian Universities. Focussed on supporting the study and conservation of native Australian species, the Stuart Leslie Award also has a component dedicated to meeting the costs of attending ornithological and ecological conferences both in Australia and abroad. The Indigenous Grant for Bird Research and Conservation acknowledges the contribution of Indigenous Australians by facilitating their further engagement in research and conservation.

          BirdLife Australia also awards the D.L. Serventy Medal for outstanding published work on birds in the Australasian region, the J.N. Hobbs Memorial Medal for outstanding contributions to Australasian ornithology by an amateur ornithologist, and the W. Roy Wheeler Medallion for excellence in field ornithology. These awards are intended to celebrate the significant achievements and contributions of individuals, but also serve to bring the ornithological community together.

          Australian Bird Environment Foundation

          The? ABEF is a Trust Fund to support practical, on ground, conservation activities as part of our endeavours to counter the constant threat to Australia’s birds from vegetation clearance, habitat degradation and competition from invading species. ABEF carries out its objectives is by using the income from its investments to provide small grants (up to $5,000) to conservation projects Australia-wide.

          Field work checking transmitter by Luiz Mestre

          Rob Clemens at IOC

          Guidelines for student award applicants

          Projects that specifically address BirdLife Australia’s Conservation Strategy priorities will be considered favourably. 

          • Woodland birds of south-eastern Australia, including Red-tailed Black-cockatoo (south-east subspecies)
          • Threatened cockatoos in south-western Australia, including Carnaby’s Black-cockatoo
          • Mallee birds
          • Riparian, floodplain, wetland and estuarine birds of the Murray–Darling Basin
          • Island birds
          • Powerful Owl in the Greater Sydney region
          • Australian shorebirds
          • Australian wetland birds
          • Birds of the Great Western Woodlands
          • Albatrosses and giant petrels
          • Orange-bellied Parrot

          Student Testimonials

          “I wish to express my sincere thanks to BirdLife and the Stuart Leslie Foundation for this grant which has provided me the opportunity to considerably increase the data I expected to collect for my project.”

          Fiona McDuie, 2011 & 2012 Stuart Leslie Bird Research Award Recipient2013 Stuart Leslie Bird Conference Award Recipient


          “I am deeply grateful to BirdLife Australia and the Stuart Leslie Foundation for so generously providing financial, technical, inspirational and moral support during the life of this project. The $2,750 I have received from the Stuart Leslie Bird Research Awards, along with $5,000 from the Professor Allen Keast Research Award, has unquestionably given life to this project. In so doing, BirdLife Australia and both funding awards, have assisted in increasing our scientific understanding, and given support to the conservation management of a declining species that captures the heart of all whom look upon it.”

          Kate Stevens, 2010 Professor Allen Keast Research Award Recipient, 2012 Stuart Leslie Bird Research Award Recipient2013 Stuart Leslie Bird Conference Award Recipient


          “Support for this project was greatly appreciated and many important findings were made possible through BirdLife’s support and funding.”

          Theodore Wenner, 2012 Stuart Leslie Bird Research Award Recipient

          Diamond Firetail at Springton by Casey O'Brien

          Amy Slender with Thick-billed Grasswren by Marina Louter